• Courses offered for M.Sc.

      Semester I

      MA 611Analysis-I
      MA 641Linear Algebra
      MA 621Ordinary Differential Equations
      MA 675/ME 675              Probability and Statistical Methods
      MA 673Fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics
      HS 641English Communication Skills
      [Additional Course (as per the requirement basis)]

      Semester II

      Course CodeSubject Name
      MA 610Complex Analysis
      MA 612                          Analysis-II
      MA 620Partial Differential Equations
      MA 640Algebra-I
      MA 680Computational Techniques                                      

      Semester III

      Course CodeSubject Name
      MA 631Functional Analysis
      MA 651Numerical Analysis
      MA 643Algebra-II
      MA 603Topology-I
      MA 671/ME 671/ME 471 Operations Research
      MA 799 OR
      ZZ xxx
      M.Sc. Research Project (Stage-1) OR
      one Elective course in lieu [Elective-I]                   

      Semester IV

      Course CodeSubject Name
      ZZ xxxElective-I OR Elective-II
      ZZ xxx                             Elective-II OR Elective-III
      MA 800 OR
      ZZ xxx
      ZZ xxx
      ZZ xxx
      M.Sc. Research Project (Stage-2) OR
      Three elective course [i.e. Elective-IV-VI]             

      Elective Courses from Discipline of Mathematics for the M.Sc. students

      MA 714: Advanced Complex Analysis
      MA 734: Fourier Analysis on Euclidean Spaces
      MA 736: Wavelet Analysis
      MA 742: Commutative Algebra
      MA 780: Mathematical Logic
      MA 782: Theory of Computations
      (In addition to this course list, a student can also opt from the PG courses being offered by the other disciplines. An MSc student can also choose elective courses from PhD course curriculum of Mathematics except the courses MA 741: Algebra, MA 711: Analysis, MA 720: Differential Equations, MA 703: Topics in Analysis).

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