• Courses offered for Ph.D. students

      Semester I

      Course CodeSubject Name
      ZZ xxxElective-I
      ZZ xxxElective-II
      ZZ xxxElective-III
      MA 797/MA 798Ph.D. Seminar Course

      Semester II

      Course CodeSubject Name
      ZZ xxxElective-IV
      ZZ xxxElective-V
      ZZ xxxElective-VI
      MA 797/MA 798Ph.D. Seminar Course

      Elective Courses from Discipline of Mathematics for the Ph.D. students

      MA 601: Topology
      MA 701: Experimental Designs and Data Analysis
      MA 702: Conformal Mappings
      MA 703: Topics in Analysis
      MA 704: Probability Theory
      MA 705: Applied Operator Theory
      MA 706: Numerical Linear Algebra
      MA 707: Special Functions
      MA 708: Ergodic Theory
      MA 709: Advanced Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems
      MA 710: Fractional Differential Equations
      MA 711: Analysis
      MA 712: Advanced Analysis
      MA 720: Differential Equations
      MA 741: Algebra
      (In addition to these elective courses, students can take elective courses from the other Disciplines also).

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