S.No.Project TitlePI / Co-PIFunding Agency
1Perturbation Analysis on Singular Multiparameter Eigenvalue Problems with Various StructuresDr. Sk. Safique AhmadDepartment of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, SERC, Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientist
2Probabilistic and Coalgebraic Approaches to Rough Set TheoryDr. M. A. Khan DST, New Delhi, SERC, Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientist
3Geometry of hyperbolic type metrics and their applications in analytic function theoryDr. Swadesh Kumar SahooNational Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Mumbai
4Classification and prediction of Alzheimer disease using multimodal imaging dataDr. M. TanveerScience & Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, New Delhi
5Optimization Models and Algorithms for Non-parallel Support Vector MachinesDr. M. TanveerSERB Early Career Research Award, DST, New Delhi
5Detection of human brain disorders using novel machine learning approachesDr. M. TanveerCSIR-EMR Scheme, New Delhi