• Dr. Swaraj Paul
    CSIR RA position
    Research interest: Shearlets,Wavelets and Singula integral equations
    Email: swaraj@iiti.ac.in;
    Contact no.: +91 8250539801
    Mentor: Dr. Niraj Kumar Shukla

  • Dr. Charitha Cherugondi
    Women Scientist under WOS-A Project Grant
    Solution strategies for vector optimization problems and variational equalities -a gap function approach through regularization equalities
    Email: charithac@iiti.ac.in; Contact no.: +91
    Mentor: Dr. Sk. Safique Ahmad

  • Mr. Ashraf Haroon Rashid
    JRF under DST-SERB Project
    Research interest:Optimization models and algorithms for non-parallel support vector machines
    Email: Contact , no.: +91
    Mentor: Dr. M. Tanveer