About Discipline of Mathematics

Mathematics has many important applications in science and technology. The theoretical interest of its ideas and logical rigour of its methods together bring interest and knowledge in Mathematics. Mathematical knowledge plays a crucial role in the progress of society and its continued growth through the exchange of research ideas, the encouragement and teaching of the next generation of mathematical thinkers. In view of exchanging mathematical ideas, IIT Indore started the Discipline of Mathematics in July 2009. In the coming years, the Discipline will expand both in size and variety of expertise. The Discipline has already started Ph.D. Programme and M.Sc. programme in Mathematics. As and when sufficient expertise in fields such as statistics, applied computing and informatics become available, the Discipline also envisages another programme with M.Sc. degree in these subjects which will be especially suitable for the needs of industry. Future plan of the Discipline also includes B. Tech. programme in Mathematics and Computing.There are B. Tech. students who have strong interest in Mathematics which goes beyond the required B. Tech. courses in Mathematics. Provision can be made for such students to earn minor in Mathematics, which will be reflected in their degree certificate.

Research Programmes

The Institute has three different schools and the Discipline of Mathematics is functioning under the School of Basic Sciences. The present faculty members of the Discipline are well equipped to conduct research programmes in the following broad areas of Mathematics.



Differential Equations

Rough Set Theory and Modal Logics

Information, Statistics and Probability

Machine Learning & Optimization

Those in academic or industrial fields who are motivated enough and desire to carry out quality research in Mathematics are encouraged to contact the concerned faculty for possible research work.


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